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The Basel-based vocal ensemble is dedicated to the musical repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, with each musician performing as soloist within the ensemble. Thanks to the musicians’ historically informed background and the familiarity with the languages of the various compositions, they can evoke a highly sonorous, captivatingly warm sound, thus transforming the music into highly personal emotions and perceptions. The intensive cooperation and personal friendships within the group provide the basis for a common understanding and trust in the group’s musical development and interpretational work.

Tobias Wicky (baritone) founded the ensemble in 2012 together with a core of eight professional singers, most of whom have their roots in the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Depending on the requirements of the program, the cast varies and can be supplemented with instrumentalists.

Our repertoire embraces of a wide selection of Italian madrigals, compositions of the early German Baroque era, Italian oratorio and masses for larger casts. Apart from the compositions of renowned masters, such as Monteverdi or Schütz, we also take pride in introducing works of formerly highly influential composers whose manuscripts were subsequently forgotten or temporarily lost, only to be recently rediscovered and now performed by Voces Suaves for the first time after many centuries.

Voces Suaves is consistently invited to perform at important locations, such as the Festival d'Ambronay, Monteverdi Festival Cremona, Seviqc Brežice Festival Slovenia and the FAMB (Forum für Alte Musik Basel) concert series in Basel. From 2014 to 2016 the ensemble was part of the European development program „eeemerging, Emerging European Ensembles Project", fostering the artistic development of Voces Suaves.

claves records published our first CD „From Bologna to Beromünster -  Mass & Psalms op. 36” by Maurizio Cazzati in March 2016; the recording was realized in cooperation with RISM Switzerland (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales) and is the first ever recording of this composition. The second CD of the ensemble, entitled L’Arte del Madrigale, was issued in November 2016; its program presents late Renaissance Madrigals from the ducal courts of Mantua and Ferrara. The album was released on the Ambronay Éditions Label, and has been awarded a Diapason découverte by the Diapason music magazine.

The ensemble was thus also actively involved in designing the program of the three-year concert series of Le Capitali della Musica, which was initiated and led by Francesco Pedrini. Each concert of Le Capitali della Musica was dedicated to one of the musical “capitals” of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods and its most influential composers.